Tabitha Vinson, Teaching Women How to Find Their Symphony #WWBBO


Tabitha explains how woman can find their symphony in “Chapter 18: Teaching Women How to Find Their Symphony.” Listen to Tabitha describe what a woman needs to have in order to be balanced in her business.

About the Contributor

A trusted voice on authentic worship, Tabitha Vinson, dubbed the Motivational Worshiper™, has penned the Check Your Keys series. Her workshops, dance presentations, writings and plays offer an incomparable panoramic view into the spirit of authentic worship and spiritual surges.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m such an introvert it’s hard to even describe who I am. I’m complex and hard to figure out, yet I have genuine concern for my fellow man. Being such an introvert has allowed me to express myself in the form of one of my passions, which is dance.I love the vibration of movement; from African dance to International ballroom dancing It’s a form that allows me to express myself in ways words cannot of course, it’s great exercise.

What influenced you to begin your business? Were there any trials or struggles that led you to the place where you are now?

Actually I didn’t choose the business it actually chose me. Being a Christian my spirit felt the need to create PWICU because there are so many women who are existing in life rather than living it. They are what I call the walking wounded. As time progressed it became clear the mission of PWICU was sorely needed and that’s why we are the spiritual hospital for the spiritually infirmed. As with any business you will encounter challenges. There were times that I questioned whether or not I was really called to do this. However, because at one point in my life I, myself was a walking wounded woman and was able to be freed from past hurt and pain I am determined to help other women experience the joy and freedom that’s rightfully theirs.

What are your business goals for the next 3-5 years?

One of the goals I can share is to reach as many within our target audience as possible. PWICU will be one of the solutionist platforms for women who are in need of answers to everyday life problems.
Do you have a motto, encouraging quote or bible verse you want to share?

I sure do. It’s one I’ve shared countless of times when speaking. It came to me some years ago and helps me to remain true to myself:

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Whatever is in your authenticity will show up in your image.’ ~ Tabitha Vinson” quote=”‘Whatever is in your authenticity will show up in your image.’ ~ Tabitha Vinson” theme=”style2″]

What advice do you have for a woman who has been thinking about starting her own business?
Regardless of what it looks like follow through with your dream; make sure you do your due diligence relating to the industry you wish to get into; remain true to yourself, and don’t skimp on professional services as DIY should never be done when it comes to your accounting and your legal structure.

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