Sha-Shana Chrichton, Being an Entrepreneur, It’s In the Blood #WWBBO


Sha-Shana shares her journey in When Women Become Business Owners with “Chapter 14: Being an Entrepreneur, It’s In the Blood.”  Listen to Sha-Shana explain why it’s important to remain consistent to your core values.

About the Contributor

Sha-Shana Crichton owns Crichton & Associates, Inc. where she represents writers of fiction and non-fiction works, including materials with African, African-American, Caribbean and Latin American themes. Sha-Shana is a bibliophile.  She loves to travel and has taken on a new hobby: growing herbs.  Her motto is laughter is the best medicine.

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  1. Robin at 4:08 pm

    From a PR perspective that can be made relevant spiritually, it is essential to stay true to your core values. That consistency often dictates longevity and how you are perceived over a period of time by those who are following your lead. Great counsel, Sha-Shana. It’s very honorable.

  2. Tabitha at 5:57 pm

    Being true to our core values speaks volumes when it comes to being authentic in business and that translates both online and offline; after all our reputations are everywhere courtesy of the Internet.

  3. Sarah Keeva at 7:03 pm

    Wow… she said what I attempted to say…. but in the very best way! This is key!

    Yes, being integral is everything and sticking to what we know is “true and pure” is what will fortify our business As become that light in the market place, people will see begin the difference, in comparison to others who has no values in tact and are strictly out for the almighty dollar. What if every business owner had this perspective? Good stuff!

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