Robin Caldwell, Blooming in Mud @thejstandard #WWBBO

Robin Caldwell, Blooming in Mud @thejstandard #WWBBO

Robin teaches us about the beautiful lotus flower in “Chapter 20: Blooming in Mud” from When Women Become Business Owners.

About the Contributor

Robin Caldwell is a veteran public relations counselor, concierge and practitioner. She has been self-employed from side hustle to business since 1998. She is the owner of The J Standard Media Group, LLC, and the creator of the PR concierge services Your PR Assistant and She Boom! Project.

As a lifelong image activist, she has fought hard to place African American faces in mainstream media. She is also an online public relations specialist who pioneered as a blogger, tech advocate and social media influencer.

Robin has been interviewed by The Grindstone, BBC radio, Sirius XM, various public radio stations, USA Today’s, and was one of the tech experts (the only African American) invited to launch the Huffington Post’s tech section., Black Twitterati and Fast Company magazine’s Influencer Project cited her as a top social media influencer.

Currently, she is an advisory panelist for AARP’s Life Reimagined project.

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  1. Sarah Keeva at 9:17 pm

    What an awesome revelation this is!

    When you shared this with me, it blew me away. Often times we don’t feel like we’re blooming and budding, growing and progressing because of those “muddy” or “not so cute” seemingly messy situations, those periods of waiting…

    But when we yield, the process has a payoff… And when looking back… we are better because of it. Yes Robin. Thank you in advance.

    I’m sowing this book into a few people and I believe that along with the others, this chapter will especially be an eye-opener and source of encouragement for many!

  2. Tabitha at 4:05 pm

    I love the metaphor. Comparing us to the Lotus Flower and how we bloom regardless of the muddy situations that we sometimes find oursevles in. Truly sage wisdom.

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