How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Attract Followers (+ FREE Checklist)

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Attract Followers (+ FREE Checklist)

Learn how to optimize a Instagram to attract new followers. After many conversations with other business woman, I’m focusing on four social networks in this “Optimize Your Social Media Profiles” series. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. It’s also owned by Facebook so their are always new features. By the way, we’re discussing social media marketing this month in the SiV Facebook Group. We discuss a different theme each month so join us anytime.

Before we get started on how to optimize your Instagram account, you should know I have a 5-step marketing strategy that I use for all my social media.  Grab a free copy of the Quick Start Checklist below for ideas on how to plan your marketing strategy.

Instagram Tips

1 | Create Username

If you haven’t signed up for Instagram yet, it’s important to at least claim your name. You can grab the Instagram app for iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play Store or Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store

I highly recommend you use the same username that you have used for all your social media profiles. It really helps your business visibility to have the same or similar usernames for branding purposes

2 | Add Profile Bio

You don’t have a lot of space so you need to use every word to describe your business.  Think of this area as a pitch.

Since it’s the only place you can have a clickable link, think carefully about which link you want to use.  The link in your bio should be changed often. For example, if you have a sale or a list building opportunity, change the link to a direct link to that product or landing page. Use a short URL like or to track clicks. 

3 | Add Profile Photo

It’s preferred that you use a headshot for Instagram. This is how people get to know or recognize you. If your goal is to do public speaking and you want to stand out more as the founder of the brand, then you definitely want to consider adding your photo. Photos do make social media more personable.

I do want to add, I finally decided to start an Instagram account for this blog, but chose to use the Stepping Into Victory logo. For my author account, I use my headshot because the author is the brand behind the book. I also do public speaking under my name too.

4 | Convert to a Business Profile

The account you signed up for is a personal account. You should know recently Instagram rolled out business profiles. This connection makes it easy to share your Instagram posts on your Facebook Business page and provides valuable insights.  Click here to find out how to convert your personal profile to a Business Profile.

5 | Plan Your Posts

Your Instagram posts are how you will attract new customers or clients. Here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Post photos from behind the scenes of running your business
  • Snap photos of your office or desk
  • Include photos of yourself and employees
  • Add motivational quotes that you like
  • Seek out testimonials from clients and post them
  • Show a screenshot or create stories of your current product
  • Be personable. Post photos of your everyday life

If you want more tips, I have a 5-step marketing strategy that I use for all my social media.  Grab a free copy of the Quick Start Checklist below for ideas. The checklist can be used as a quick boost to your current marketing efforts.

Instagram Profiles

While Instagram is a mobile app, you can view and share your profile from a real web URL. Below are a few profiles of some really cool female entrepreneurs on Instagram.

Kim Garst

Marsha Evans

Melyssa Griffin

Becky Davis

Regina Anaejionu

How to Grow Followers

  • Learn about hashtags and how to use them with your posts
  • Share your Instagram link with your newsletter subscribers.
  • Add an Instagram icon to your website.
  • Remember to add your Instagram username to your print materials like business cards, bookmarks, postcards, etc

If you made it this far, please do remember to grab the Quick Start Instagram Checklist below for more ideas.

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