5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page (+ FREE Checklist)

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page (+ FREE Checklist)

Learn how to optimize a Facebook Business Page to attract new followers. After many conversations with other business woman, I’m focusing on four social networks in this “Optimize Your Social Media Profiles” series. Facebook was overwhelming the preferred top social network. No surprises there! With 1.71 billion users, Facebook is the world’s favorite social media platform. 

 I have seen many business owners create an incomplete Facebook Business Page for whatever reason. If you’re serious about using this platform, taking the time to optimize your profile is the first step to attracting “likes” to your page.

Facebook Business Page Tips


As a reminder the optimization tips refer specifically to your Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have on yet, click here to create your business page.

1 | Use Your Business Name

This should be a no-brainer, but be sure you use the name of your business. Now if your business is more person-focused, meaning you’re an author or a public speaker, then you may want to consider using your professional name.

2 | Create Short URL

After you reach 25 likes, you can create your Facebook page with a custom URL such as “facebook.com/yourcompany”

3 |  Fill-In About Info

 Write an about us about your image or copy over the text from your website. Don’t forget to add a link to your website or landing page

4 | Add Branding

 Facebook prefers covers that don’t have a lot of text, but are visually interesting.  It’s recommended that you use a professional photo rather than a company logo. It depends. For the Stepping Into Victory page, I decided to use the logo for the profile, but use a nice visual for the cover. I tend to keep my professional photo for my author social media profiles.

5 | Promote Your Page

Don’t be shy about inviting your friends, customers & business contacts to your page

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Be aware that the engagement is not that easy on a business page because Facebook encourages purchasing ads. Ads start as low as $5/day. You want to be able to create organic reach on your own and budget appropriately for “boosting a post” or creating an ad when necessary.

For an easy 5 Step Strategy for managing social media, check out the Quick Start Checklist for Facebook below.


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