5 Things to Pray Over Your Business

5 Things to Pray Over Your Business

If you’re like me, you wake up in praise and with a spirit of gratitude. Gratitude and praise have carried me a long, long way. My prayers have also made a substantial difference and as I’ve matured, so have the prayers over my business.

It is my humble belief that these five things have helped me tremendously over the years. On the surface, they may seem like simple things to ask for but in truth, they are can glean powerful results by asking God to:

  1. Bless the works of my hands.
  2. Bless my thoughts and creativity.
  3. Bless my pathways to lead to increase and honorable work.
  4. Bless the people who surround me.
  5. Bless the people who help me.

I also ask God frequently to give me discernment to see solutions, problems and even the intention of people. Lastly, I always ask him to show me what is not right in me.

What do you pray over your business? Please share in the comment section.

Robin Caldwell, TheJStandard.com

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  1. Renee Wiggins at 4:47 pm

    1. pray over the choices I make.
    2. pray over I meet the right people
    3. pray to make this my season.
    4. pray for wisdom, and to have patience.
    5. Pray for compassion to help others to succeed too.

  2. chellebooker at 5:15 pm

    1. Pray over the projects/people I choose to take on.
    2. Pray for knowledge and discernment in all areas.
    3. Pray for patience and peace when working with others.
    4. Pray for wisdom and strength in every choice I make.
    5. Pray that the right people are placed in my path to help me.

  3. UNwankwor at 8:00 pm

    1. Pray over who I connect with in bringing His vision to reality
    2. Pray over what I put out into the world. that it may always be to His glory
    3. Pray for the ability to keep an open mind…not everyone will like what I do or say yes
    4. That I’m always able to faithful in my work even when it is hard or doesn’t make sense to me
    5. To help my unbelief when I enter into my wilderness period because they will surely come.

  4. rhondamcknight at 1:03 pm

    This was great post. I pray for the following:

    1. I pray for creativity.
    2. I pray for my work to bless those who receive/read it.
    3. I pray for focus and discipline.
    4. I pray for favor in my business dealings and for doors to open that no man can close.
    5. I pray for the people in my circle to be blessed.

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