Stepping Into Victory 2016 Blog Posts Recap

Stepping Into Victory 2016 Blog Posts Recap

Goodbye 2016! was created to support our compilations like When Women Become Business Owners.  As we begin preparation for our next compilation offering, we’ve adopted the tagline, “Serving Female Solopreneurs.”  We want to support women business owners who are struggling to build businesses on their own.

To encourage support and growth we started a growing Facebook group and Instagram account.  In 2016, we created some fabulous FREE content to go along with our blog posts, especially the social media series. Visit the Freebies page to download and be on the lookout for more content in 2017.

Here is a listing of some of our 2016 blog posts plus some of our past blog posts that continue to be popular. Enjoy and see you next year. 😉

Blog Posts – Productivity Tips

5 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Social Media
With the abundance of social media management tools it’s so easy to stay visible even during your busiest time.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page (+ FREE Checklist)
Learn how to optimize a Facebook Business Page to attract new followers.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile to Attract Followers (+ FREE Checklist) 
Are you a business owner? Would you like to learn how to optimize your Twitter profile to attract new followers? .

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Attract Followers (+ FREE Checklist) 
Learn how to optimize a Instagram to attract new followers.

A Quick Guide to Eating Healthy for the Busy Entrepreneur by Renee Wiggins, RD, LD
If you find yourself being consumed by running your business and not taking the time to eat healthier meals, then this post is for you.

10 Essential Cloud Apps for the Part-Time Entrepreneur
Learn about essential cloud apps that provide anytime, anywhere access for part-time business owners or budding entrepreneurs.
5 Ways to Transition from a Hobby to Business
When I was much younger, I often thought about how cool it would be to own a business.

Popular Blog Posts – Faith-Based Advice

Your Key to Success: Finding Inspiration by Michelle Lynn Stephens 
Have you ever found yourself wanting to give up on something that you have worked hard for?

Women in Business: The Quest for Spirituality by Tabitha Vinson
The quest for spirituality for many women will include entrepreneurship. Being in business for yourself can be a rich and rewarding experience.

The Best Biblical Business Advice I Have Ever Received
The service you give away without compensation will most likely help someone else make money but it will not keep the roof over your head.

5 Things to Pray Over Your Business
What prayers do you pray over your business.

Fold Your Arms, Wear a Suit and Smile: ‘Hall of Fame’ Tips to Your Best Professional Photo
Take photos that are organic to who you are as a human being.

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